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Our Ministries

Men of Faith

The purpose of the Stephen Temple Men of Faith fellowship is to encourage men of all ages to establish and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The goal of the Men of Faith fellowship is to enchance the solidarity between the men of Stephen Temple Church while providing men with the resources and training needed to become effective Godly leaders in their homes, and communities.


Sunday School

The Sunday School is the major teaching ministry of the local church. Designed for all ages, it will focus on various biblical topics for the spiritual growth of those who attend.  The teaching ministry's emphasis is on bringing the people of this community and surrounding territory under the word of God; to win them to Christ as their personal savior; to build them up in the faith and lead them into taking their places in the worship fellowship of the church.

Youth Ministry

We have a goal to help the youth realize both who and whose they are. So many are searching for identity and our mission is to point souls to the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.  Our endeavor is to employ every available spiritual means...prayer, bible study, and fellowship to accomplish the will of God for this ministry. 

Women's Ministry

The Women Ministry Organization, led by the church's First Lady, Mrs. Cynthia D. Colbert, is one of the foremost auxiliaries within the life of Stephen Temple Church. Under her leadership, she presents seminars and conferences to enhance women physically, mentally and spiritually. Women's support activities include various outings including Women's Retreats, seminars and conferences.

Outreach & Mission

These services are offered for spiritual growth and development through the following ministries:

Ministry Leadership Training, Prayer & Praise Ministry, Evangelism  & Outreach, Prison/Jail Ministry Marriage Symposiums, Soul Seekers Conference, New Member Directions, Men’s Annual Conference, Women’s Annual Conference,

Elderly Convalesent, Food Pantry Career Center.

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